Ojai Electric Bike news and special events for the Ojai community
Ventura County Star

April 23, 2022: Café BōKU and BōKU Superfoods, located at 987 W. Ojai Ave., are celebrating 2-6 p.m. The Ventura County Regional Energy Alliance and Electric Vehicle Advocates of Ventura County will display vehicles, give away promotional items, offer games, and provide information to assist customers interested in purchasing electric vehicles. A new, onsite electric bicycle rental and sales business, Ojai Electric Bikes, will offer 10% discounts on rentals (normally $35 per hour or $100 for the whole day, for bikes with 60 to 100 mile range) to anyone who walks into their shade structure, in the BōKU parking lot, and greets staff by saying, “Happy Earth Day!”